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2016.2.26 Tai Chi Forever Cover photoDVD: “Forever Young Tai Chi” with Kim Kubsch & the intermediate class in Casa Grande, Arizona

Filmed at the intermediate class in Casa Grande, Forever Young Tai Chi will be released on March 8, 2016. Twenty Tai Chi enthusiasts from this weekly class sponsored by Arizona Priority Care filmed this 52 minute DVD with me. It is comprised of four sections: Posture & Breathing, Qigong, Balance Exercises and Tai Chi Flow which includes four sequences. Practice at your convenience using your television/DVD player or computer. My third DVD is available at any of my classes or on my website for $20.

A HUGE thank you to Cindy, Ellie, Dianne, Robert, Jackie, Susy, Randy, Kathy, Diane, Bernadette, Bev, Barbara, Bridget, Roberta, Tom, Gloria, Becky, Diana, Ursula and Candi for creating this flowing and balancing practice!

DVD: “Hello Tai Chi, Goodbye Stress with Kim Kubsch”

“Those who routinely do these Tai Chi stress-relieving exercises will foster optimum health. This practical and nurturing approach will help restore balance and harmony to your life. – Ernie Prudente, M.D. Internal Medicine, Los Angeles, CA 

DVD Preview-Hello Tai Chi, Goodbye Stress with Kim Kubsch.mp4

Do you want to relieve stress, but don’t know where to start? Why endure emotional and physical stress when a life of joy and health is as easy as deep breathing, balancing the body’s meridians and refocusing your energy? Using the ancient practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, you are just minutes away from feeling calm, relaxed and empowered. Hello Tai Chi, Goodbye Stress, with instructor Kim Kubsch, offers you gentle and easy postures and exercises of relaxation. This DVD is suitable for all fitness levels and ages.Filmed in the peaceful Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix, Arizona, gardens like this can be used as your sanctuary.

DVD:  Practice Easy Tai Chi-QiGong with Kim Kubsch

Practice Easy Tai Chi-Qi Gong with Kim Kubsch.flv


“This is an exceptionally useful program.  I am already experiencing improved balance/stability.  Though I have a tiny bit of muscle soreness the day after, I consider that good – tells me I am using muscles that have waned over the years. Excellent.”  – Patsy & Curtis S, Chandler, AZ

“With Kim’s Tai Chi DVD, I don’t make excuses to exercise. Her graceful movements, beautiful scenery and contagious smile start my day on the brightest note!  Kim’s style of Tai Chi-Qi Gong is easy, gentle, safe and comforting.”  Sammie, Dallas, Texas

“As a 72 year-old tennis player, I am happy to report that my tennis game has truly benefitted from using your DVD.  Never knew that deep breathing and relaxing my mind and body, while keeping my upper body upright could be so powerful!”   Ted, Arizona and Michigan

“I am in my mid-80’s and have bad hearing and vision. It has been a challenge to find an exercise that is safe for me. Doing your Tai Chi in a Chair class and your DVD at home, I am reminded how to relax and take deep breaths. I know that even if my physical challenges become greater, all I need is your Tai Chi DVD. ”  Agnes, Phoenix, Arizona

“The thought of being able to do and enjoy your Tai Chi-Qi Gong DVD regularly has helped me transition and heal. Your focus on breathing and continual flowing movements has encouraged my recovery and keeps me moving!” Kristi, Irvine, California