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Sonoran LivingJune 7, 2012: Channel 15 – ABC affiliate in Phoenix  Tai Chi and Chocolate – how they work to create more joy, peace, clarity and happiness


Casa Grande Dispatch: “Tai chi at catholic center,” July 17, 2014 “Relax this summer with Tai Chi, Qi Gong, July 5-18, 2014

SunLakesSplash: “Tai Chi-QiGong summer classes,” July 2014

SunLakesSplash: “Improve your Golf Game with Tai Chi-QiGong, page 66, December 1, 2013 “Sun Lakes resident credits recover to Tai Chi” by Alison Stanton. page 46, October 19, 2013 

SunLakesSplash: “Tai Chi is “Medication in motion,” October 1, 2013

SunLakesSplash: Summer HulaChi and Tai Chi classes, July 1, 2013

SunLakesSplash: Stop Stress with Tai Chi by Kim Kubsch, May 1, 2013

Natural Healing News/AZNetNews: Sidelines: Hello Tai Chi, Goodbye Stress: Gentle Stress-relieving Exercises that Restore Health and Harmony, April/May 2013

SanTanSun: Business Profile of Tai Chi by Kim Kubsch, Safe Movements, March 16, 2013

Arizona Republic: Later in life, Arizonans tailor-make own careers, September 2, 2012

Sun Lakes Splash: Free Tai Chi class planned for veterans in Sun Lakes, page 52, September 2012

San Tan Sun  New Tai Chi class at Cottonwood Clubhouse, page 51, August 2012

Sun Lakes Splash: Tai Chi and chocolate-two great treats that go together page 44, June 2012

Arizona Republic-Sun Lakes news: Parkinson’s classes planned through July

202 Magazine: Meet your neighbor, Kim Kubsch. July 2012

Arizona Republic – Travel Section: Tai Chi in Bhutan, temples in Myanmar, July 1, 2012



Dr. Derek L. Hill, Rejuvenate and Rehabilitate with Tai Chi by Kim Kubsch, February, 2013

Namasta Newsletter, November 2012

Natural Awakenings





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