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Safe, Clean, Green @ Home

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Is your home Safe, Clean and Green?  Is it free of dangerous chemicals and do you clean with just water? 

Hard to believe, but it is true –  you can simplify and reduce your cleaning time using only water and the Norwex products. As a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, Kim shares how families live happier, healthier lives as we create safe environments by radically reducing chemicals in our homes with simple, cost-effective solutions that truly work.

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You have no idea how I've wanted to take a sledge hammer to the granite on my kitchen island until I used my new Norwex Enviro Cloth. And the Window Cloth worked really well on the bathroom mirrors.

Really like the deodorant and body cloths.

I LOVE the glass/mirror cloth – I couldn’t believe how my dining room glass table top looked. Used it on the TV, microwave, mirrors in bathroom. With the window cloth, I have no streaks – I am so happy you introduced me to this amazing company.

I am really high on the Norwex products as I continue to use them more fully! With the Norwex toothbrush, I am getting hunks of tartar or plaque out of my mouth and I think my receding gums are improving.

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