Pictured above: Kim Kubsch doing Tai Chi on the hiking trail at SanTan Regional Park, Queen Creek, Arizona

When teaching my Tai Chi-Qi Gong classes for older adults, these questions are frequently asked:

How do you stay fit, other than Tai Chi?

By “engaging” as I age!  In the gym, it is resistance training, elyptical, and stairmaster. To enjoy nature, I hike the great parks of Maricopa County (see photo) and walk in the neighborhood after dinner to aid digestion. Of course, five days a week, I am very fortunate to experience the benefits and beauty while from teaching easy and gentle Tai Chi-Qi Gong.

How do you manage stress?

My motto is “Life in Balance is a Body in Motion.” While living and working in Asia for ten years, I never had time to relax my mind AND body with Tai Chi.  Now I get to teach it and help improve balance, reduce stress, enhance coordination and increase bone strength and flexibility.

Productivity is enhanced with frequent smiling and deep breathing, not muscular strength. Smiles are a form of facial yoga and smiles require much less energy – 17 muscles to smile and 47 to frown! Deep breathing and a few Qi Gong movements can offer vitality and recharge energy throughout the day!

What are your best healthy eating tips?

Eat protein at every meal, keep the carbs less than 100 per day, and never more than 1500mg of sodium per day. FRESH is the best, no matter where you are in the world. Frozen is second best, but read labels for sodium and added sugar. To schedule a private holistic nutrition session at your pantry and refridgerator, call 480 392 3436 or email

Join the fun with a “Fresh and Fab Food Lifestyle!