World Tai Chi & Qigong Day (WTCQD) is an event that attracts thousands of people worldwide, in over 70 nations. For the first time, Kim Kubsch,Tai Chi Instructor and Sun Lakes resident, introduced WTCQD to the beautiful country of Bhutan.


THANK YOU Shareb Zangmo, Sonam Tshering, Tshering Dorji and Sonam Zangmo (pictured  above with Kim Kubsch) for allowing me to share Tai Chi with you!

Filled with majestic mountains and charming people with the deepest spirituality, Kim got an inside look at the culture of Bhutan where family and social harmony values are the top priority. The people of this tiny country nestled between Tibet, China and India in the Himalaya Mountains enjoy yoga and their national sport of archery. Following Kim’s introduction to World Tai Chi Day, the Bhutanese are also enjoy the harmony of Tai Chi & Qigong – her favorite way to relax the mind and body.

The Kingdom of Bhutan has a very cautious approach to tourism in an effort to avoid the negative impact of tourism on the country’s culture and environment. As tourists, Kim and her husband were required to travel on a pre-planned, pre-paid, guided tour through a registered tour operator in Bhutan. Hiking to sacred mountains, monasteries, temples and hot springs was a journey of a lifetime for this Arizona couple. She is sure that Bhutan is Asia’s greatest kept secret and describes it as a harmonious fusion of the past and present within a vibrant living heritage. Kim experienced Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness (GNH) first hand. Gross National Happiness is the Bhutanese way of defining quality of life in more holistic and psychological terms than Gross National Product.

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Kim Kubsch is a certified instructor of Tai Chi-Qi Gong. She uses Tai Chi, a low-impact exercise, to teach older adults how to increase flexibility, improve balance and coordination, and reduce stress, while building bone strength. Kim is passionate about sharing Tai Chi classes and workshops focusing on “active aging” and helping older adults live safely at home. She serves on the Arizona Fall Prevention Coalition. To register for private or public classes, workshops or purchase Kim’s DVD: “Practice Easy Tai Chi-Qi Gong with Kim Kubsch,” visit