Forever Young Tai Chi CoverCertified Tai Chi-Qi Gong Instructor, Kim Kubsch releases third DVD!

Loss of balance and agility. We all face it, but how we choose to deal with it is what plays on our health. Kim Kubsch, Certified Tai Chi-Qi Gong Instructor (ATCQA), announces her new DVD, “Forever Young Tai Chi.” Kubsch uses Tai Chi, a low-impact exercise, to teach adults how to enhance overall health, improve balance and coordination, increase flexibility, and replace stress with inner peace.

Forever Young Tai Chi” is filmed in Casa Grande Arizona at her intermediate class of easy and gentle Tai Chi and Qi Gong. The DVD promotes feeling calm, relaxed and empowered. It is a routine suitable for all ages and fitness levels as it is a low impact martial arts exercise which uses no equipment and can be practiced anywhere, including in the comfort of one’s living room or back yard. While the 52 minute practice is done standing, it can be modified by the viewer in a seated position.

“My goal in creating this DVD was to help people everywhere let go of expectations, negativity and blockage in their mind and body,” said Kubsch, who lived and worked in Asia for 10 years. “With regular practice, we learn to approach stressful situations by incorporating these rejuvenating movements; turning off the verbal mind and focusing on pleasure is a skill we can all learn to incorporate into our everyday wellness routine.”

This 52-minute program covers four sections: posture & deep breathing, qigong, balance exercises and easy and gentle tai chi flow to soothe stressed bodies and active minds. Easy Qi Gong movements nourish and heal, while continually flowing Tai Chi restores health, balance and harmony. Kubsch’s first DVD, “Practice Easy Tai Chi-Qi Gong with Kim Kubsch,” showed the versatility of the exercise to be done absolutely anywhere, the second DVD, “Hello Tai Chi, Goodbye Stress” takes it a step further with a wonderful journey to a peaceful, welcoming garden setting to help transform the mindset and this third DVD, “Forever Young Tai Chi” addresses more balance movements and complex, flowing sequences.

The video features real people from all walks of life and experience, giving everyone in the audience someone to whom they can relate, from age 65 to 85. All ages and abilities can reap the benefits of this form of exercise. Kim’s frequent reminder is to modify for YOUR safety and comfort – customize the movements by listening to your body.

“Forever Young Tai Chi” retails for $20 and can be purchased at or any class. For more information email or call (480) 392-3436.