Safe Movements by Kim Kubsch and 12 participants ages 60-99, demonstrate this Daily Balance Program for better mobility and stability in and around the house.

Life in balance is a body in motion with daily balance movements.

This 50 minute DVD features practical applications of balance and posture exercises that mimics activities of daily living, whether sitting, standing, on a bike, golf cart or using a walker or a wheelchair.

The 12 participants doing the various movements have had hip, shoulder and knee surgeries, arthritis, carpel tunnel, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, sciatica and hearing challenges and one recently fitted with a prosthesis at age 91.

Kim Kubsch is a Fall Prevention Coach, Certified Tai Chi-QiGong Instructor (ATCQA), Certified Chair Chi Instructor and Certified Aging in Place Specialist who teaches group classes to mature adults in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

DVD Participants: Lu Cheney, Dorothy B. Cuono, Connie Loesch, Sally Menzel, Ron Menzel, Dennis M. McColly, Diana McColly, Bridget Ross, Rickey Ross, Wally Sanders, Sara Shannon, Claire Werner