Tai Chi is my “medicine in motion”
My 24-day journey from death bed to full recovery.

“Healing takes time, especially in your mid-sixties and beyond. The energy and determination it took to rebound from most of my organs shutting down, truly came from attending my weekly Tai Chi class with Kim Kubsch at Iron Oaks Fitness Center,”

Jeni ★★★★★

Balance Challenges

“I was attracted to Tai Chi-Qigong because of balance issues caused by an inner ear problem. My first bit of luck was finding a class taught by Kim Kubsch. She is so positive and uplifting…it is a joy to be in her presence. Her love of Tai Chi is contagious! Not only has my balance improved, I have also experienced increased strength and sense of calm. The focus on breath is something that benefits me in my daily life. This practice enriches me physically, mentally, and spiritually.”


COPD & Pulmonary Challenges

“Breathing naturally, without an oxygen tank is heavenly! And the thought of being able to do and ENJOY your Tai Chi classes and your DVD with my happy lungs and no oxygen, is a miracle. Thank you for bringing Tai Chi and your genuine, caring smile into my life!”


Overall Aging

“You bend over backwards to make sure we enjoy our hour of flowing moving to help relax us.” 


“Thanks Kim for a life-changing experience of your gentle and easy Tai Chi classes. Your honest,caring smile and healthy living tips combined withe the calming and relaxing Tai CHi was a winning combo!”  


“During the past year, I have thoroughly enjoyed my twice a week Tai Chi classes provided by my skilled and empathetic instructor, Kim Kubsch. Tai Chi has improved my agility, balance, flexibility, joint and muscle strength and help to reduce stress. What a powerful combo!” 



“Kim has a very pleasant manner and is always respectful of the older crowd’s limitations. I have a new hip and last year a new year. Adding Tai Chi to my rehab routines has expedited my recovery and helped me heal faster. The best part-I can continue it for the rest of my life!”


Sports – Tennis

“As a 72 year-old tennis player, I am happy to report that my tennis game has truly benefitted from using your “Practice Tai Chi with Kim Kubsch” DVD. Never knew that deep breathing, relaxing my mind and body while keeping my upper body upright could be so powerful!” 


Overall Health

“We both enjoy this Tai Chi activity for relaxation, posture, balance and social fun.”

Kay & Don★★★★★


“As your faithful Tai Chi student, I Just want to thank you for all you do to improve my quality of life!” 


“Everyone, regardless of age, gender, or physical condition should experience the beauty and benefits of tai chi! After my 1st class with Kim i realized (initially I thought it wasn’t the exercise class for me) how much I needed it! The benefits often cited of improvement in balance and breathing technique are matched by the beauty of learning and emulating Kim’s movements. Sometimes I feel moved to tears by the sheer beauty of it all.” 

Sara, Sun Lakes★★★★★

“I enjoyed your class. It is clear you know and can precisely demonstrate the chi gong movements you have put together. Your teaching method is excellent so taht you are not only able to communciate, but you also inspire your class.”


Private Classes by Kim

“Private Tai Chi with Kim classes in my home are so convenient. Whether we practice inside or outside, sit or stand, I always look forward to relaxing my mind and body, while I improve my balance and coordination. Too bad I can’t take her on vacation with me to keep me in balance then too!”

KA, Sun LAkes & Prescott★★★★★

“I look forward to our private classes together. As soon as I work with you on Tai Chi and Qigong, I relax and let go of my worries and frustrations.”

Linda, Chandler★★★★★

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